Since both Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) lay claim to Western Sahara, the United Nations has classified the territory as disputed. So, what does the decision of these two countries signify for gambling?

That’s why we’ve come here in the first place. The current state of gaming in the nation will be the topic of our discussion. What kinds of casinos might you expect to find in this area, and what amenities do they often provide? In this article, we’ll examine all of that and more.

Gambling in Western Sahara: A Brief History


Several different groups have assumed control of Western Sahara at different times. The Spanish colonized the area from the 15th century until 1975. The Spanish government officially transferred sovereignty to Morocco.Given its size, SADR also laid claim to the land, sparking hostilities.


Control of the country was shared between Morocco and SADR after the United Nations declared a truce in 1991. Only 20% of the country is under SADR’s jurisdiction, while the remaining 80% is under Morocco’s.


What does this mean for the future of gambling in the country? Over ruled territories, the gaming laws of the controlling countries apply. According to Moroccan law, gambling can be practiced freely in 80% of the territory it controls.


Legal Gambling in Western Sahara

Since gambling is permitted in Morocco, Moroccan rule allows it in some sections of the country. However, SADR does not approve and adheres to Islamic Sharia law. Anyone caught gambling in accordance with Islamic law is to be publicly flogged.


This discussion of Western Saharan online gambling will be limited to the territory under Morocco’s direct administration. Gambling is permitted in Morocco despite the country’s predominantly Muslim population. Online gaming is also unregulated in Morocco. Gamblers have the option of using any offshore site they like. They can legally gamble at an online casino.


Gambling Halls on Western Saharan Soil

Western Sahara does not have any physical casinos due to the fact that its territory is split between two different countries. However, that does not make it against the law. Casinos in Morocco are open to any operator who can pay the required license fee and tax.


Online Gambling in Western Sahara: What’s Next?

Online gaming is unrestricted because of Morocco’s liberal gambling legislation. That implies that people all over the world can gamble at the best online casinos without fear of repercussions. That’s why so many people are flocking to virtual gambling halls.


Since no offshore gambling sites include Western Sahara on their nation drop-down menu, gamers from the territory will have to select Morocco as their country of residence. This is because of the way the country is governed.


Alternatives for Local Banks

The top gambling establishments will offer a variety of local baked goods and accept conventional forms of payment. Having these on hand can simplify many tasks. Payments are typically made with plastic cards, digital wallets, or good ol’ fashioned wire transfers to a bank account. The use of PayPal in online casinos appears to be on the rise as well. Make sure you look into that.



Given the complexity of the gaming landscape in the country, we cannot give our enthusiastic endorsement or strong disapproval. We can advocate online gambling if you are a resident of a region of the country ruled by Morocco. We do not recommend internet gaming from locations under SADR authority.



We understand that after reading this post, many questions have arisen. In this part, we’ll try to address some of the most often asked ones.


Is it possible to gamble online in Western Sahara?


In the areas of the country where Morocco has authority, casinos are not illegal but also not controlled. You are technically free to play internet games whenever you please while staying here. It’s legal in certain states but not others.


Where is Western Sahara’s preferred online gambling establishment?


This is a very challenging question. Mobilebet casino, however, emerges victorious on account of its superior array of features, bonuses, and library of games.


Where can Saharawis find the highest paying online casinos?


The more you’re ready to risk on a single bet, the bigger your payout will be at any given casino. If you’re not comfortable with taking chances, play only games with a high return to player percentage (RTP). We’ve heard 888 casino has them.






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